2017 Ethan’s Green Garage Sale

Garage SaleThe 2017 Ethan’s Green Garage Sale will take place

Friday and Saturday June 16th & 17th 2017 9:00 AM till 4:00 PM

The association will handle registering for the garage sale permit and will place ads in local publications. If you plan on participating, PLEASE let us know as early as possible. The higher the number of sales we can advertise, the better response the community will get. Maps for prospective buyers showing the layout of Ethan’s Green and a list of participant addresses will be available for pick up at the entrance to the golf course parking lot.

Click here for community map

Participants will be contacted prior to the sale with final details.

Please remember: If your home is also governed by a condo or cluster association, that association may have rules prohibiting garage sales. Please check with your condo/cluster association board regarding garage sales or review your condo/cluster association bylaws.

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  1. Geni and Don Spera

    Participating in garage sale:
    2874 Mathers Way
    Both days

  2. Geni and Don Spera

    Sorry. Didn’t see the “sign up now” button until after I sent info from the comment section….My Bad!

  3. Are you putting out a list of items for sale by owners.

  4. Did not see the sign up now button either. Participating tomorrow. I feel this system could be better. Maria klein 10447 e cobblestone lane

    • I thought I signed up when I registered for the garage sale but I have not gotten notified. Signed up like two weeks ago

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