Permit Information

Ethan Common Homeowners Association

Requirements for Exterior Alternations

Requests for alterations or additions must be submitted to the Management Company.

For Additions to Residences:

  • A Site Plan, Floor Plan, Exterior Elevations, with materials and colors clearly labeled. Photos of house at location of proposed addition.

For Fences:

  • Site Plan – Picture or Elevation of fence with material, color and height clearly labeled.

For Decks:

  • Site Plan along with Floor Plan of Deck and House. Elevation of deck railing with materials and height, including colors, clearly labeled. Photograph of section of House where Deck will be located.

All drawings must be to scale and submitted in triplicate. Only one set of photographs is necessary but must be in color.

The Management Company will forward the application to the Architectural Review Committee. If the application is in conformance with Association Guidelines, allow 30 days to complete the review process. If the application is not in compliance, it will be returned for revision and must be resubmitted or submitted for varience approval by the Homeowners Association Board of Trustees.

All of the aforementioned requirements must be adhered to prior to submitting the drawings to the City of Twinsburg Building Department. Association approval must be evident or the City of Twinsburg Architectural Review Board will not act on the permit application.

Please submit all of your information electronically to

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